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She did a great deal of short-time baby-sitting, sometimes no longer than it would take for a man to drive her a few blocks, get fucked or sucked, and drive back. Recently, there were times they never left the driveway. After she scored herself some cock, you could see it in her demeanor if not running down her legs. She walked around with a perpetual satisfied look on her face.Martha was at her absolute limit when she received a call at work from her very best friend, Betty Hardwick. Betty received a call from Shauna and called Martha right away--Karen did it, boy did she do it. The two talked for hours--five, ten, fifteen minutes at a time. At two that afternoon, Betty talked Martha into doing something she had threatened to do for months--give the boss what he wanted, all he wanted.She said, "Screw it! I'm going to do it, Betty. He's alone in his office right now, and I have papers to file. I'm taking off my pantyhose and panties right here at my desk, and then I'm going to march. I know she has followed my instructions – the heels, stockings and black underwear only serve to make this beautiful woman stop my heart! I walk up to her and pull her close, leaning down to kiss her with an intensity that conveys both my love and longing that could never be misunderstood. I order her to kneel on the floor with her head and arms on the bed. Her body is already convulsing with the thought of what was to come. I tie her arms to the bed, pulling her head up to my face and whisper. ”You’re mine and now I will mark you.” I slowly slide my belt off and without warning whip it across her soft backside – she moans, I do it again and again gaining true satisfaction from the sounds she makes and the marks I am leaving on her. I run my hands up her thighs – she is soaking. “Don’t you dare come until I say,” I order. I undo her restraints and throw her beautiful body on the bed. Her eyes are pleading with me to let her climax but I’m not giving in. I bind her arms and legs to.
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