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"We would call a Landsmeet, travel to Denerim, try to prove Loghain's treachery to the assembled nobles, and then put Alistair forward as the legitimate heir. What if we do that ... go through it as if nothing had changed, but at last minute, once those who would betray us are out in the open, reveal Theron instead of Alistair? If Loghain doesn't know about Theron, he won't plan to ambush us, it would seem. He can go into the Landsmeet wearing a helm with no one the wiser."We all stopped and stared at Teagan, thinking furiously. It would get Theron into Denerim safely, and allow him to see what Loghain and Anora had done; it would ensure all the nobles of Ferelden saw Theron alive before Loghain had a chance to react. It put Alistair's parentage out there, something I knew he wouldn't want, and I could see his face scrunch slightly as he thought about it. Overall, though, I knew he'd do what was best for Ferelden and this was far better than any plan I could come up with."Teagan,. I wanted to fuck her so much.“Oh, yes,” I said passionately. “You’re going to make me cum, aren’t you?”“If you want,” Megan said. “I can do anything you want.” I was gone. My body took over and I was like a spectator to my own orgasm. I came for the first time with a woman, and without a cock, a dildo or my own fingers. It rolled through me, a wave of pleasure, an ecstasy of sex, wetness that just erupted from my pussy and I had no need to control it. It came so hard my hips convulsed upwards and I gasped, gripping the towel beneath me with both hands, trying and not trying to hang on.Megan seemed to know everything about what I was feeling, as if she was inside me, watching with me. I came for what seemed like hours of ecstasy, too too long,. As the orgasm began to overwhelm me, Megan slowed. Her hand rested on my quivering pussy. She put her face on my breast and sucked my nipple gently. As the throbbing in my pussy calmed, I relaxed completely She laid her head on my chest, patted.
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